Mrs.Cardone's Spectacular

Fourth Grade


Hello Everyone Welcome!! 

Every Student can learn,

just not on the same day as my

friends: or in the same way as

my friends!

What Does Fourth Grade Look Like This Year



1.Laugh  2.Smile  3.Explore  4.Try  5.Think  6.Share  7.Help 8.TECHNOLOGY

This year to make class sizes smaller there will be 3 groups ,A, B, and C. 

(Me) Mrs. Cardone teaches English Language Arts.

(Me) Mrs. Cardone with the help of Mrs. Anderson teaches writing skills.

Mrs. Lyon teaches math, science, and social studies.


For the this month your child will

continue to focus on Informative reading and writing. He or she will also learn about figurative language. 


Each day you child will focus on spelling, vocabulary, comprehension, root words, writing, reading, problem solving, and social skills.


Image by Dee @ Copper and Wild

Please feel free to contact me for any questions, concerns, or ideas regarding your child's success in fourth grade.



Read for 20 minutes a day! Write 3 sentences about what you read.

Weekends read for 20 minutes a day and write 3 sentences about what you read. 

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