Mrs.Cardone's Spectacular

Third Grade

Hello Everyone Welcome!! 

Third grade teaches and prepares students to "Read to Learn"

Every Student can learn,

just not on the same day;

or in the same way

What Does Third Grade Consist Of?



1.Laugh  2.Smile  3.Explore  4.Try  5.Think  6.Share  7.Help


1. Fluently multiply and divide within 100

2. Solve multi-step problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and addition

3. Use place value to round to the nearest 10 and 100

4. Fluently add and subtract within 1000

5. Fractions are parts of a whole

6. Compare two fraction with same numerator or denominator

7. Time to the nearest minute

8. Measure area and perimeter

9. Recognize and name shapes and their attributes

Please feel free to contact me for any questions, concerns, or ideas regarding your child's success in third grade.


English Language Arts

1. Ask and answer question for understanding.

2. Recounts stories through key details.

3. Describes characters

4. Determines word meaning and phrases used in a text.

5. Recounts key details to explain how they support the main idea

6. Reads with sufficient accuracy and fluency

7. Introduces a topic when writing

8. Develops the topic with supporting details

9. Develops a concluding statement

10. Uses linking word

Social Studies

1. Contenents and oceans

2. Social skills

3. Making a diffrence

4. Communities, rural, suburban, urban

5. Geography

6. United States

7. Other parts of the world


1. Life Cycle

2. Butterflies

3. Water cycle

4. Rocks and minerals

5. Inherited and learned traits


Read for 20 minutes a day!

Weekends read for 20 minutes a day. Practice multiplication fact 10 minutes a day!

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None in November

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